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SHv4 Full Kit SH-V4 + Harness Kit: 79 EUR
SHv4 Harness Kit (without SH box) 19 EUR
SHv3 Harness Kit (without SH box) 19 EUR
SH-V4-AB Kit Custom SH kit with remote AB switch.
Contact us before ordering.
84 EUR
SH-V4-2W Kit Custom SH kit for vehicles with 2-wire inductive
speed sensor. Contact us before ordering.
84 EUR
GIpro w/ATRE Select model: 119 EUR
GIpro-K04 Select model: 109 EUR
GIpro DS-series Select model: 109 EUR
GIpro X-type Select Harness Kit: 89 EUR
X-TRE Select model: 89 EUR
Exhaust Servo Eliminator Select model: 45 EUR
Brake Light pro Select model: 42 EUR
Shift Light pro SLP-U01 99 EUR
MM5 multimeter MM5-U01 109 EUR
FI Tuner Pro FIT-S01 199 EUR
OBD Tool Select model: 149 EUR

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