1. What is the difference between QSE and iQSE?
QSE is the first generation, iQSE is the second generation QuickShifter easy module. The iQSE has the following benefits:
› Compatible with both iOS (certified by Apple) and Android devices
› Redesigned app, cleaner user interface
› Setup Wizard
› Auto upload & Auto reconnect
› Improved functions, including a new adaptive (auto) mode
› Improved hardware and sensor, enhanced signal processing for greater compatibility

2. What is the difference between the iQSE-1 and iQSE-2 modules?
› The iQSE-1 is for bikes with TCI (Transistor Controlled Ignition). TCI is the current technology and most bikes on the road today require the iQSE-1.
› The iQSE-2 is for bikes with CDI (Capacitor Discharge Ignition). The iQSE-2 can be installed on all motorcycles which have carbs, i.e. not fuel injected. It will even work on motorcycles without battery or charging system.
Please order the parts shown by our Product Advisor. If in doubt, please contact us.

3. What are the advantages over competing products?

The Sensor:
› Our special ring sensor works on ALL motorcycles and race cars with motorcycle engine
› It’s extremely quick and simple to install compared to any other QS switches
› Works with both normal and reverse/race shift pattern
› No need for mechanical adjustment
› Sensitivity (threshold) can be adjusted precisely to your riding style
› Small but robust, has no moving parts, does not wear and tear
› Due to the small size and install position, it is hardly noticeable
› There’s less chance for a sensor damage during a crash. However, should you need a replacement, cost is fraction of other QS sensors and switches.

The Module:
› Small size, modern technology, refined software and shifting algorithms
› Setup and function tests can be done wirelessly even when sitting on the bike
› Wide range of adjustments for pro users and good defaults for street riders
› Works even on off-road bikes without a battery
› All leads are protected
› Automatic software and firmware updates via Bluetooth allow feature enhancements

The Wiring:
› We offer the widest range of Plug ‘n go harness kits on the market
› The harness kits are easy to install and require less connections
› Harness kits are available for purchase separately for a new bike

The Price:
› Best price for a complete set on the market
› All harness kits have the same price, except the QSX harness
› Available in all countries

The Support:
› Should there be any problems, we are here to help
› We offer a 2-year replacement warranty on all products

4. Is the ring sensor included?
Yes, the QSE Sensor ships together with the iQSE module. Spare sensor is available for purchase separately too from distributors.

5. Is there a reason to use a ShiftLight pro together with an iQSE?
Yes! The ShiftLight pro will show you when to shift and the iQSE allows you to do very quick and smooth shifts. So the two products are a great combination and both can be setup via Bluetooth (the Shift Light pro is compatible with Android devices and Windows PC only).

6. I have a QSE module and earlier sensor, can I upgrade to the new version?
We can offer an upgrade for a small fee. Please contact us.

1. Do you have a kit for my bike?
The iQSE is compatible with ALL motorcycles and also with other vehicles which have sequential gearbox, such as race cars with motorcycle engine.
Please use our Product Advisor to find the part numbers suitable for your bike:
We have Plug ’n go harness kits for hundreds of different motorcycles. If your bike is not listed, please contact us.

2. Will it work with my rearsets?
Yes, the QSE Sensor works great with ALL rearsets, no matter if it’s standard or an aftermarket (racing) set.
And the best part is, you do not have to make any modifications.
The sensor works with both normal and reverse/race shift pattern so you do not need to purchase a second sensor.

3. Is this kit compatible with my off-road bike?
Yes. Even if the bike has no battery or condenser.
On bikes having simple ignition and no charging system, the unit can be powered from a standard 9V alkaline or rechargeable battery.
The module works from +5V to +30V power supply.

4. I have other products installed on my bike, can I still use your iQSE?
Yes, the iQSE is a standalone quickshifter and it will work with any other modifications and products, including products from Dynojet, Bazzaz, etc.
If the iQSE is used together with a product which connects to the same 2-pole connectors, connect the plugs in-line. The iQSE plugs should always be the last in the chain i.e. connected directly to the injector or ignition coil plugs.

1. My bike has a shift rod, where should I mount the sensor?
If the upshift pushes (compresses) the sensor in the rod, we recommend installing the sensor in the rod.
Otherwise, install the sensor under the bolt of the shift arm.
In any case, the install is simple and no need to make any alterations.
Please check out our iQSE install video and Sensor install guide on our website.

2. Is it difficult to install the kit?
In order to reach the coil connectors, normally the fuel tank has to be removed and on certain bikes the airbox too.
The actual installation of the kit is quick and simple. All parts are included.

3. Why is the QSX harness more expensive by about 20 EUR?
The QSX harness is needed for some bike models. It has a module integrated with which the ECM does not detect the ignition cut and the FI light will not come on.

4. Can you guarantee that the FI light will not illuminate when using the iQSE?
Yes! The iQSE works without causing FI problems even on those bikes for which all other QS systems fail.

5. Can I transfer the iQSE sensor and the module to my next bike?
Yes. If the new bike is a different brand, you may need to get a new Harness Kit.
If you have two bikes, you may install a harness kit and sensor in both, and share the unit between the two. It takes only a few seconds to load your presets.

6. Is the kit listed for my bike plug and play?
All our Harness Kits are plug and play. The only exception is the QSH-CKP, which is the universal kit to be used with the iQSE-2 module. It requires tapping 3 wires (wire tap connectors are supplied, no need to cut any wires).

7. What is the supplied “Jumper plug” for?
Should you need to disconnect the iQSE module for any reason, connect the Jumper plug and the engine will run normally.
If the engine does not run with the Jumper plug fitted, there’s a wiring problem, a connector is loose, etc.

8. Will the iQSE drain my battery?
Absolutely not! The iQSE does not get any power when the ignition key is switched off. You can confirm this via the iQSE LED. During operation it consumes less than 1W.

1. How to use the QuickShifter?

› You may do clutchless upshifts only during acceleration, i.e. at partial to full throttle, well above idle speed.

› Always use the clutch under these conditions:
– selecting first gear
– finding neutral
– shifting to 2nd gear if it’s not smooth without clutch on your bike
– during deceleration/braking
– when hitting the rev limiter
– when the engine does not pull

› You may do clutchless downshifts with partial throttle from the higher (4-6) gears only if the shifts are smooth and effortless on your bike and the shift lever is not stiff. Otherwise, use the clutch for downshifts.

› Be sure you always do quick, confident and complete shift movements with your foot, until the lever stops. Adjust the shift lever position if necessary to ensure effortless and complete shift movement with your foot.
When the power is cut, there’s a limited time (typically less than 90ms) while the gearbox is being unloaded and clutchless shift is possible. After this time the gearbox is loaded again due to engine braking. If you change the gear slowly, you may hit false neutral or you can’t make the shift at all.

› If the shifts are not smooth, do not stress your gearbox. Use the clutch until you make the necessary changes.

2. Does the iQSE cut the ignition coils or the injectors?
We examine all bikes and offer the best option, to make the installation as simple as possible.
Our QSH-Fxx kits cut the injectors. All other kits cut the ignition coils.
There’s no difference in the shift quality or feel.

3. I do not race. Is it safe to use on my street bike?
Yes, it is safe to use the iQSE and many customers use it on street bikes (naked and touring bikes) too. If the setup is correct, you will see the gear changes (clutchless upshifts) are smooth thus it will not stress the gearbox in any way.

4. Can I still use the clutch for upshifts when I want to?
Yes, any time like usual. The ignition will be interrupted for a split second but it’s not noticeable. If you wish to restore factory condition e.g. for servicing the bike, deactivate (bypass) the QS function from the iQSE app.

5. Can I turn the QS function off?
There are three ways if you ever need to disable the QS function:
› In the iQSE app, under Settings, select the “Bypass mode (disable iQSE)” option.
› Disconnect the 2-pole sensor connector from the iQSE module.
› Disconnect the iQSE-1 module and connect the Jumper plug to the 4-pole plug of the QSH/QSX harness.

6. Is it possible to disable the cut for downshifts?
By default the iQSE cuts both for up and downshifts.
Downshift cut is noticeable only if you blip the throttle during downshifts.
Yes, it is possible to disable the downshift cut completely. Please contact us for instructions.

1. Which phones and tablets are compatible with iQSE?
› All iOS devices running iOS 8.1 or later. This includes models from iPhone 4s to 6s and from iPad 2 to iPad Pro.
› All phones and tablets running Android 2.3 or later.

2. Is it difficult to setup the module?
With the new Setup Wizard function the setup can be performed with the bike on a rear stand in two minutes.
After a test ride you may need to fine-tune the settings.

3. Can you send the optimal settings for my bike?
No. The optimal settings are installation and bike specific, and also depend on your skills and riding style (e.g. shifting speed and force). For setup tips, read the help texts in the app.

4. How many iQSE modules can I pair and use with my phone?
There’s no limit, but only one can be connected at one time. If you paired more iQSE modules with your phone, make sure only one is powered up within the range.

5. How many phones/tablets can I pair and use with my iQSE module?
There’s no limit, but only one can be connected at one time. If you paired your iQSE module with more phones, make sure only one has the Bluetooth enabled within the range.

6. Is there a way to ensure no one else has access to my module?
Yes. Enter a personal Security code via the iQSE app. It is stored in your phone, so you do not have to enter it every time, only if you try the connection from another phone.

7. I lost my phone. Did I lose my settings too?
No. The settings are stored in your iQSE module. If you connect to the module with a new phone, the settings are automatically transferred to the phone.

8. How many different settings can I store in my phone?
There’s no limit. If you are a dealer, if you wish, you can save a setting for all iQSE installations you have ever done, and you may recall it any time.

9. When I connected to my module, I was notified that a new firmware is available. Is it safe to run the update?
Yes. With our zero-risk technology, the module firmware can be updated even if the process was interrupted earlier by any reason.

10. What is the Bluetooth working range of the module?
The working range is affected by the module’s position in the bike and the phone’s Bluetooth capabilities (there are big differences between the phone models). Normally, you should be able to connect to the module from about 3m (10ft) with the seat on.
If you wish, you can even maintain the connection while riding the bike and the phone is in your pocket or mounted at the dashboard. This way you can change settings on the fly, without getting off the bike. No need to shut the engine off or to cycle the ignition key to make changes.

11. What is the adjustment range of the cut-off times?
It can be set from 30ms to 140ms in 5ms increments and independently for 9 RPM ranges. This allows very precise adjustments for pro riders. For street riders, we recommend using the Adaptive mode.

12. How can I upload the settings to the module?
Upload is automatic (as long as the iQSE module is connected) and happens right after you make a change in the app.

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