iQSE Troubleshooting Guide

This document is a guide to help troubleshoot problems that might arise during the installation, setup or normal usage of the HealTech QuickShifter easy product.

1. Do I have the right kit for my bike?
Before starting the installation, make sure you got the correct parts. Use our Product Advisor to find the part numbers suitable for your bike.

2. I can not establish a connection to the module
› Make sure the label on the unit is “iQSE”. If you see “QSE” you have the first generation module and it’s not compatible with iOS devices.
› Make sure the iQSE LED is ON (solid red or solid green).
› Move the unit to a different spot, farther from the ECU.
› Make sure you are running the most current version of the iQSE app.
All iOS devices running iOS 8.1 or later are supported. This includes models from iPhone 4s to 6s and from iPad 2 to iPad Pro.
All phones and tablets running Android 2.3 or later are supported.

3. The engine does not start, even when using the Jumper plug
Possible causes:
› Bank angle sensor is not in place
› Some connectors (e.g. from the fuel tank) may not be reconnected
› A connector pin does not make contact (bent or loose)
› The QSH harness is damaged or not suitable for your bike

4. The engine hardly starts and I get a very rough idle
You mixed the QSH connector pairs. Disconnect ONE bike connector at a time, and connect ONE pair of the QSH connectors in-line with the coil and bike plug, then proceed with the next.

5. The iQSE LED does not light up
Put the gearbox in Neutral. Make sure you have the engine stop switch in RUN position and the ignition key switched ON.
On some bikes, the engine has to be running, otherwise the module is not powered.
If the starter motor is spinning but the engine does not start with the iQSE (although it starts fine with the jumper plug), most likely the QSH black wire terminal has poor ground connection. Use a good chassis ground bolt, preferably on the gearbox, or you may use the battery negative terminal.

6. I don’t get a signal from the sensor
Please perform the test described below.

7. How to check whether the QSE Sensor is working fine?
Follow these steps:
› Dismount the sensor but leave the 2-pole sensor plug connected
› Connect with your phone to the module
› Under Sensor setup, make sure the “QSE sensor” is selected and the “Noise filtering” is Inactive.
› Squeeze the sensor with your thumb and index fingers rapidly and hard. You should be able to generate a signal higher than 30% with your fingers.
If this test is OK, install the sensor and be sure to follow the steps in the most current version of the Sensor install guide.

8. At high RPM (or at high speed) I get unwanted ignition cuts
Follow these steps:
› Be sure the sensor is installed properly. Refer to the Sensor install guide.
› Make sure you are running the most current version of the iQSE app. Connect to the module. Press Reset to defaults.
› Set the Sensor threshold properly. Refer to the help in the app under Sensor setup.
› Be sure you are not resting your foot on the shift lever.
› If the problem persists, activate the Noise filtering option in the app.

9. At high RPM (or at high speed) sometimes the engine shuts off
Most likely your side stand switch is failing or has a poor connection.

10. My module does not cut the ignition
Follow these steps:
› Start the engine and let it idle. Open the iQSE app and connect to the module. Under RPM Settings, press the test button and see if the engine stops for a short time or not. The engine should stop momentarily (or even completely) when you push the Cut-off test button. This proves the module’s output is working. Otherwise, disconnect the module, connect the supplied 4-pole Jumper-plug and contact us for advice.
› If the Cut-off test works, make sure the iQSE module is not disabled (see Bypass mode) in the app.
› Adjust the Sensor threshold properly.
› Keep in mind that the cut-off is disabled under the First RPM value.

11. Sometimes I hit a false neutral, or the gearbox stays in the same gear
Possible causes:
Sensor threshold is too low.
Cut-off delay is too short.
› Incomplete shift movement. Be sure you always do quick, confident and complete shift movements with your foot, until the lever stops. Adjust the shift lever position if necessary to ensure effortless and complete shift movement with your foot.
› Your shift speed is slow. If you change the gear slowly, you may hit false neutral or you can’t make the shift at all.
› Cut-off times are too low. Increase the cut-off times by 5-10ms and try again.

12. There are times the shifts are really smooth, at other times it’s rough, i.e. the shift feel is not consistent
Possible causes:
Sensor threshold is too low.
Cut-off delay is too short.
› Make sure you do clutchless upshifts only during acceleration, i.e. at partial to full throttle, well above idle speed.

13. When I do a quickshift at high RPM on my Suzuki, the FI light comes on
Please check our Product Advisor to see if we list a QSH or QSX harness for your bike. If you see the QSX listed but you installed a QSH harness, that is the problem. Please contact your distributor to arrange an exchange.
The QSX harness has a module integrated with which the ECM does not detect the ignition cut and the FI light will not come on.

14. The Bluetooth range is short
The working range is affected by the module’s position and the phone’s Bluetooth capabilities. Many phones do 10m with the iQSE, others only do 1m. Move the unit to a different spot, farther from the ECU. The Bluetooth range can be limited also when the phone’s battery is low.

15. I replaced my phone and I forgot the Security code I set, so I can’t connect to the module now to make changes
Please contact us to get your Security code cleared.

16. Is it possible to disable the cut for downshifts?
By default the iQSE cuts both for up and downshifts.
Downshift cut is noticeable only if you blip the throttle during downshifts.
Yes, it is possible to disable the downshift cut completely. Please contact us for instructions.

17. How can I test/program the unit without having the engine running, or even on the desk?
On some bikes the unit does not get power when the engine is off. If you wish to program the unit with engine off, proceed as follows:
› Disconnect the module from the bike.
› Use a 9V battery or the bike’s 12V battery.
› Get two short wires and connect the battery Positive to the Red wire terminal of the module, and the battery Negative to the Black wire terminal of the module, at the 4-pole connector. Make sure to not short the wires together.
› Leave the white and green connections open.
Now, you should see the iQSE LED is lit and you can connect with your phone to perform the setup.
You may also test the sensor as per #7 above.

If you checked everything and nothing helps, please contact us for advice: