Project Bikes

.450SM KTM

We missed a crazy ‘motard from the garage a lot. So we picked this 2006 KTM SMR450, torn it apart till the last screw, repainted, rebuilt it, re-tweaked it, and put it all back together... And she's here at last!
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'Tech9' 2005 ZX6R Ninja

Barely legal street machine of ours. The stock lights remain, resembling more like a proper endurance racer, than a street machine. It's name is not a coincidence. Like it's namesake, it's small proportions, low weight albeit rapid and heavy firepower make it the perfect weapon of choice. Enter the Tech9!
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'Tech28' 2007 GSX-R750

No lights, no mirrors, no excessive bulk. This bike is as lean as mean it is. Cranked in the heart, sure in the foot. Equipped with all the goodies a racetrack demands, this bike is the perfect choice for the racer wannabes. Meet the Tech28 Gixxer!
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Pala55 stuntbikes

HT Stunt Bikes

You couldn't ask for a tougher life, if you were a bike. These poor bastards get the worst treatment you can imagine. Such as our products mounted on them. That's why they're the perfect testing platform. If they survive here, they will everywhere...
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Yamaha YZF-R6 2008

The first frontier of the new wave, The purveyor of onboard electronics. The R6 comes stuffed with gizmos right in factory trim. But that just can't stop us, can it? The iQSE is a must on this high revving, not-so-muscular 600cc athlete to keep on with the leading pack. BLP brake light flasher to avoid tail-gaiting, MM5 multi display with lap time display, SLP shift light for the best possible shift.

Yamaha MT07 2014

One of the few in the world of the MT07/FZ07 bikes sporting a quickshifter... No wonder, as who would equip such a bike with such racing-oriented gizmo?! The guys at HealTech obviously. The more data and feedback we gather from the most versatile conditions and bikes, the better for the product. MM5 multi display is on the menu as well, just as the BLP brake light flasher too. And by the way, the GIpro gear indicator is displaying the actual gear way faster than the oem dash itself.

Yamaha MT09 Tracer 2016

Wanderers delight. Sport-touring at it's best. Yamaha's latest mile muncher offering got the iQSE quickshifter for more sportier feel and added comfort, the GIpro gear indicator, an MM5 display for some extra data, the BLP brake light flasher for added safety.

Ducati Scrambler 2016

This little fella got a GIpro gear indicator, a BLP brake light flasher and the iQSE quickshifter too, just to make sure the general manager gets to his favorite coffeeshop on-time! Live fast - look flash...