.450 Stealth Mode KTM

Make: KTM

Model: SMR450

Year: 2006


There’s a saying: you can’t have too many bikes. That’s true, we all know it. Even better, when you have more styles of bikes to choose from. This is the path we try to follow eagerly. We missed a crazy ‘motard from the garage a lot. So we picked this 2006 KTM SMR450, torn it apart till the last screw, repainted, rebuilt it, re-tweaked it, and put it all back together, while spending a small fortune on it. But it’s all worth the effort. She’s blindingly beautiful, makes a sound like nothing else, and it’s such a sick thing to ride.

The Race Kit cam, the high compression piston with the jetted flat-side carb and the Akrapovic exhaust make it a real fire breathing, fire spitting monster with no excess at all. Just the vital components on board to keep the weight down. The real advantage of the bike is, that it leaves the factory in quite a race trim. Of course it’s not as sharp as it should be, but still cuts the mustard. We swapped the whole brake system to an upper class Magura, dropped the oem wheels and replaced them with Excels, and flooded her with all the electronics we could mount on.

The main gizmo of course was the iQSE quickshifter. Besides she has the GIpro GPX gear indicator, the SLP shift light assistant and last but not least the MM5 multi display unit with engine hour meter and lap timer functions. No KTM SMR had ever such a plethora of gadgetry! The only thing left was the design. We wanted something bold, but nothing garish in the same time. This is how the stealth mode grey camo thing came. To keep it low profile, keep it under the radar. But as soon as you kick her to life, the whole stealth mode thing goes up in smoke. Just like the rear tire and the petrol from the fuel tank.

Tech Spec

Engine ›

KTM Factory Race kit cam
Vertex high compression forged piston
Suter Slipper clutch
K&N air filter
Re-jetted carb

Drivetrain ›

Moose Racing front sprocket 14
SuperSprox 45 Anodised rear sprocket
Regina 520 Gold chain
RK/Excel 3.5/5.5″ rims
HE hubs
Michelin Supermoto slicks

Exhaust ›

Akrapovic titanium complete system
Cycle Wraps carbon look exhaust wrap

Suspension ›

WP USD forks – oem
WP rear shock – oem

Brakes ›

Magura 4 piston/4 pad forged mono-block caliper
Magura 190 Radial brake master cylinder
320 Wave rotor
Braided brake hoses front+rear – oem
TRW sintered brake pads front+rear
TRW DOT 5.1 brake fluid

Controls ›

Magura hydraulic clutch master – oem
Renthal fat bar – oem
X-Trig billet triple clamp
X-Trig PHDS shock absorbing bar mount
Domino quick action throttle
Pro-Grip gel grips

Body & Fairings ›

Moose Racing skid plate
UFO Plast aftermarket plastics
UFO Plast braced handguards
KTM Power Parts axle sliders

Design & Graphics ›

Frame acid-yellow
Custom yellow vinyl seat cover
Fuel tank black
Rear shock spring yellow powdercoated
Engine covers, swingarm, triple clamps painted matte anthracite black
Rims matte gunmetal powder coated
Wrapped exhaust
Stealth Mode grey camo livery
Custom Excel rim decals
Design by HealTech Electronics

Detail Shots

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