DCT Dyno Tool

Dyno mode activator for Honda DCT motorcycles

Activate dyno mode on DCT equipped Honda motorcycles with ease. Just plug this little tool to the diagnostic connector of the bike and it activates the dyno mode in a few seconds. Faster turnaround and lower costs for workshops!



The DCT Dyno Tool is compatible with Honda motorcycles having Dual Clutch Transmission. On Honda DCT models the dyno mode must be activated prior the dyno run, otherwise the ECU won’t let the dyno technician go through the gears as the front wheel is stationary.

Normally a factory Honda diagnostic tool is required for the dyno mode to be activated. Being a really expensive equipment, smaller workshops can’t afford it. Beyond the price factor, it is a much more time consuming and a cumbersome task working with a factory OBD tool. The DCT Tool is a low cost solution and much quicker and easier to use too. Just connect it to the diagnostic connector and the tool will activate the dyno mode in a few seconds.

About the DCT Dyno Tool

Cost effective option
The DCT Tool is compatible with all DCT equipped Honda motorcycles. Save on servicing time! It is much quicker and more convenient to use the DCT Tool for activating the dyno mode than using a factory diagnostic tool. Faster turnaround and lower costs for workshops.

Quick and simple to use
Just plug the DCT Tool into the diagnostic connector, turn the ignition key ON and wait a few seconds – that’s it. The bike is ready for a complete dyno run.

Light and small
The DCT Tool module is hardly larger than the OEM diagnostic connector it connects to.

Built to last
Rugged design, encased in epoxy resin.
Only high-quality SMD components used.
Each unit is extensively tested prior to shipping.
Oil and water resistant (IP68).


All variants, special editions and BOTH ABS and non-ABS models are supported, except where noted for the selected bike model/year. If you do not see the ABS model or a different model variant listed, it means product fitment is the same as for the standard model.

Suggested retail price:
EU countries › 69,00 EUR
USA and other regions › $89.99

2 year replacement warranty from the date of purchase (invoice copy required)

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Size: 30 x 20 x 13 mm (1.18 x 0.78 x 0.51 inches)
Weight: 20g / 0.7oz (with wiring)