FI Tuner pro

FI Tuner pro

Fuel injection tuning module

A true MAP-based fuel injection tuning module for Suzuki motorcycles. Improves engine performance and torque, smoothens power delivery and throttle response throughout the REV-range.



True MAP-based Fuel Injection tuning module, designed specifically for Suzuki motorcycles. This unique product communicates directly with the factory ECU/ECM (bike computer) to get the fueling right, no matter what exhaust and air filter you use.

After successful setup the module improves throttle response and power in all throttle positions for the entire RPM range. Resulting in smooth and precise power delivery. Your bike’s engine becomes more flexible thanks to the torque gain in the lower rev region so you can even cruise in a gear higher than usual, which also improves fuel economy. Get the new bike feeling back with this easy mod!

About the FI Tuner Pro

Amazing compatibility!
One module fits most Suzuki EFI motorcycles (from 1997 to 2014). Transferable to a new bike within minutes.

Highly Advanced Technology
Mappable at 11 throttle positions in 500 RPM increments across the full RPM range. Controls both primary and secondary fuel injector lines (8 injectors total). Total control over the FI system – addition or subtraction of fuel is a breeze. 3 independent, user-selectable maps (MAP1, MAP2, Zero MAP).

Plug ‘n Play, hassle free set-up!
Quick and simple to install. Connects to the ECM expansion port under the seat. No need to remove the fuel tank or any fairing. Auto cell select, immediate AFR response to cell change. Simple interface, no confusing options to select. Native USB support. No need to install drivers and no need to use a UART bridge. The software runs on any version of Microsoft Windows.

Size DOES Matter!
It is the smallest, most compact FI tuning module on the market, fits under the rider’s seat.

You are in safe hands
Automatic software and fail-safe firmware update. 30-day money back guarantee and 2 years replacement warranty.

Crush the competition
Best value (price/performance) for the money among the current FI modules on the market. Fully compatible with all HealTech and other aftermarket products.

Improved throttle response
Better Engine response at all RPM range
Increased Low and mid-range torque and power
Better Acceleration
Smoother, more precise Power Delivery, hence better ride-ability


All variants, special editions and BOTH ABS and non-ABS models are supported, except where noted for the selected bike model/year. If you do not see the ABS model or a different model variant listed, it means product fitment is the same as for the standard model.
Suggested retail price (complete kit):
EU countries › 189,00 EUR
USA and other regions › $199.99

30-day money back guarantee and 2 years replacement warranty from the date of purchase (invoice copy required)

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FIT dimensions

Size: 50 x 30 x 17 mm (1.9 x 1.2 x 0.6 inches)
Weight: 66g (2.32oz) (with wiring)

Will you make the FI Tuner Pro for other bikes than Suzuki?
The FIT module is very much Suzuki specific, but we might make other versions sometime later.

How long does it take to install the module?
All connections take place under the seat. On most bikes, dealers with experience can install the module in about 5 minutes. It can take about 10-40 minutes (depending on bike model) for customers who install it for the first time. Please follow the install instructions supplied with the kit.

Do I need to remove the unit if I take the bike for maintenance/repairs?
No. However, in case you want to remove the unit for any reason, just disconnect the 8-pole and 2-pole connectors and the ECM will use the stock map.

Will I lose my maps, if I remove the unit or the battery from the bike?
No. The stored maps will not be changed until you change it with the FI Tuner Pro software application.

How can I switch to MAP2?
Please refer to chapter 3.6

Is there any need for an O2 sensor eliminator?

Can I use it with an aftermarket/performance exhaust?
Yes, the FI Tuner Pro can be used to get the fueling right on stock bikes as well as on bikes with an aftermarket airfilter and/or exhaust.

Can I use a TRE device with the FIT module?
Yes. It’s not required, but highly recommended for best results. The TRE removes the retarder from the lower gears, the FIT module adjusts the fueling.
Using a TRE also eliminates the need to spend time and money to make trim maps for different gears. Our GIpro/ATRE and X-TRE products have been tested and found fully compatible with the FIT module.

Should I remap the FIT module if I add an ATRE/XTRE?
No, but if you have the option it’s best to install and configure the TRE first.

I have a stock bike without any changes, is there any benefit to use one?
Yes. Stock fuel maps are far from perfect, especially at partial throttle positions which you use the most.

Do you offer MAPs for download?
Yes. Please refer to chapter 4.2.3 for more information.

Does the module come with a specific map loaded?
The module comes with clear (zero) map. This means that it will not make any changes to the fueling and you won’t feel any difference after installation.

Note: If your Suzuki ECM does not use the stock fuel map (it was remapped by a tuning center), the ECM will revert back to the stock map and you can use the FIT module to make changes to the fuel table.
For this reason, it is important to do the first reference dyno runs with the module installed using the zero map, and build the custom map from there.
Also, when you want to do a before/after comparison run, do not uninstall the module, just select the map you wish to use (map1, map2, zero map).

Can I get the module pre-loaded with a map?
Distributors and dealers offer this service. In order to pre-load a map without the module installed on the bike, a special USB cable is needed which is available for purchase separately.

My ECM was flashed but I’m not satisifed with the result, can I still use this
product ?

Yes you can use it without any restrictions.

How it compares to having the ECM flashed?
› Shops who flash the ECM load a generic map, not a custom map.
› There’s a danger that the flashing fails and the ECM should be replaced.
› You can’t restore the factory map or do changes, unless you pay again.
› You can’t load, save, share and edit your map.
› You can’t transfer it to a new bike, nor can you sell to someone else.

How it compares to other FI tuning modules?
Comparable MAP-based tuning modules like the Power Commander, Bazzaz
Z-Fi controller or Rapid Bike are more expensive and model specific.
Installation takes much more time and takes valuable space from the trunk.
They have extra features over the FIT unit but those require optional modules to purchase and more dyno time/cost.
If you don’t need traction control and quick shifter function just perfect fueling for your engine, you won’t find a better product for the money.
It comes at a very competitive price and has useful features not offered by competing modules. Please check out the list of features at chapter 2.

What about modules like the TFI or Juice box?
These have two major flaws. For one: can’t subtract fuel. All bikes (either with stock or racing exhaust) require fuel subtraction at many places of the fuel map. (You don’t have to believe this, just put your bike on a dyno and
get the AFR logged at various load conditions.) Without the ability to subtract fuel, the engine will not get the optimal AF ratio.
The second problem is that it’s not a map-based module and only allows adjustment for 3 ranges (Low, Mid and High). You can make certain areas better but hurt other areas at the same time. Fuel injectors are not like carburators. The AFR changes rapidly depending on actual TPS/RPM and only a true map-based module can fix all ranges. (Again, if you put your bike on dyno and look at the AFR charts you’ll understand that it is just not possible to get the fueling right by turning 3 screws on a module.)

Do you offer an optional quick shifter?
No, but you can use our stand-alone iQSE quick shifter along the FIT module.

Will you offer an optional module like the PC5 Autotune or Bazzaz Z-AFM?
No, because it’s not as good as it sounds:
› Installation takes considerable time. It’s required to use software to
configure the module, which is beyond the skills of most customers. They
have to visit a dyno shop to get it installed and set up properly.
› Even the manufacturers of the module admit that for best results a
custom map on dyno is needed along with this optional module.
Considering a custom map alone can adjust engine fueling perfectly, the
purpose of this module is questionable at this price for the average riders
and racers. It may be useful in high-end racing where everyhting counts
regardless the costs.

Do you offer a way to speed up the process of making a custom map?
We are working on a software module which will greatly reduce the manual work. This will help dyno operators to make the map with less work in less time. It will be distributed by an automatic update when available.

I can’t see the whole window on my PC screen, what to do?
The minimum screen resolution to run the software is 800×600. First, downsize the application window. If your screen has higher resolution (most likely it has) and you can’t see the whole application window, change the DPI setting back to default (e.g. 96 dpi) under the display properties.

Can we import and export a map from/to Excel?
Yes, it is possible to Import and Export the MAP to a .CSV file, by changing
the File type in the Open/Save dialogue.
The .CSV file can be opened and edited by Excel or by a text editor (e.g.
Notepad). Note that only the current map view (MAP1 or MAP2) is exported
and the Comments are not saved in the .CSV file.

How can I load two saved maps in MAP1 and MAP2?
You need to change the “File type” to CSV if you wish to save or open only the selected map, without affecting the other. Here’s the procedure to merge maps from two files and save it as a new .FITS file:
› Open the .FITS file which you want to store in MAP2.
› Click on Save MAPs and change the File type to .CSV, then save the file.
› Open the .FITS file which you want to store in MAP1.
› Select MAP2 (which is empty at this point).
› Click on Open MAPs and change the File type to .CSV, then open the file.
› Now you have MAP1 and MAP2 as you wanted.
Click on Save MAPs and save it as a new .FITS file.
You can also Send it to the device.
Note that the Comments field is common for both MAP1 and MAP2, so if you store two different maps in the .FITS file, you may want to update the Comments accordingly, describing both maps.

24. What kind of performance gain can I expect?
The Air-Fuel Ratio on most bikes are fairly good at peak power (100% throttle and high RPM), hence you can expect only a few HP gain here.
However, at about 95% of the fuel table the AFR is really off and this is why the FIT module with proper map improves:
› On/off throttle response
› Engine response at all RPM range
› Low and mid-range torque and power
› Acceleration
› Precision
› Smooth power delivery, driveability

Our products are supplied with install instructions applicable to all bikes listed for that specific part number. However, to help our customers we are offering Supplementary manuals for some of the popular bikes. If you do not see a manual for your bike, check out one for a similar model and you get the idea what is involved. Most documents are applicable to a wider range of bike models/years than shown here.
Important: The supplied instructions should always be followed carefully.

FI Tuner pro flyer

Press reviews and customer feedback

FANTASTIC!! Really impressed with it! easy to use, easy to fit, this really is going to be good! Other modules we use are expensive and do far too much for most road bike users need. This really has a place in the market. Also on a user point of view it makes mapping time quicker especially as it auto selects the mapping cell in correspondence with the rpm and throttle position. Well done!
Tim Blakemore Racing, Suzuki GSXR750 ('05)
Thanks guys for a fantastic product. The bike is now remapped with the yoshi slipon and it runs like a dream. No surging or sputtering. Just smooth acceleration. Quick throttle response, and virtually no backfiring on the downshift under load. Your map was spot on!
John K., Suzuki GSF1250S Bandit ('09)
The difference is incredible now. Night and day. The bike is way more responsive, it accelerates harder and is better to ride overall. Now I understand what the correct fuel map would do for drivability. A gently roll on the throttle now down low is crazy and the bike is so smooth.
I did a roll on with a 2010 B-King with a full system and an ecu tune. He is also one gear down on the front. We went from 2nd gear, and he was out on me by 2 feet, then I shifted into 3rd at 12,200 RPM the front wheel came up till I shifted into 4th, front wheel up again then top of 4th I pulled away from the B-King at 240 Km/h. We did a 3rd gear roll on and I clobbered him again in the same manor but this time we stayed even from the start and he didnt get a jump on me.
I also did a roll on with a 2003 DUC 999 he has the bike geared as well. 6th gear roll on from 5,000 RPM 130 Km/h we stayed even till 8000 then I drove away from him. So all in all it was a pretty big night for me. I am very happy with the box, and its performance. My dyno guy was impressed with it as well. He also likes your TRE products.
Sheldon G., Suzuki GSXR1000 ('09)
I installed the tuner and the slip on yesterday and what a difference it made! The throttle response is super smooth. No more jerkiness from closed throttle and it even seems like the tick-over is smoother. With the filter/slip-on, it is probably the best modification I have ever made to any bike. I will be sure to recommend Healtech to all my buddies. Thank you!
Max M., Suzuki GSX-R600 (2005)
I ordered the healtech fi tuner pro and loaded the map available for my 04 gsxr 750 with aftermarket exhaust… The difference is amazing! Power curve is smoother than it’s ever been!
Erik B., Suzuki GSX-R750 (2004)
WOW… Works perfect… bike accelerates so smoothly… and great throttle reaction… I’m completely satisfied!!!
Daniel L., Suzuki GSF1250 Bandit ('10)