GIpro X-type G2

GIpro X-type G2

Advanced and highly compatible gear indicator

Next generation gear indicator with all the latest tech. Touch control, auto brightness, high speed warning and shift light function – all in a neat package. Extra bright LED, 5 display colours to choose from. And on top of that, this is the most compatible of all GIpros. Meet the all new X-type!


A few of our 1st generation GIpro X-type units are offered by some Chinese companies. They use various branding and logos, including HealTech, Honda, Kawasaki, etc. The product looks similar but it has an old firmware, the quality of the components and assembly is poor, the function/performance is lacking, the reliability is weak and warranty is not backed up. Due to poor design and assembly it may damage your bike's ECU. Always be sure to purchase an original GIpro X-type unit from an authorized HealTech distributor or dealer. If you have any doubts, please contact the distributor in your country. Only we (HealTech) make gear indicators with touch control + light sensor and the with latest signal processing tech. None of the clones offer these features thanks to the unique security authentication chips we use in the G2 series.



The GIpro X-type G2 model works on all motorcycles, ATVs, cars and other vehicles with 4, 5 or 6 gear positions. No matter what bike you own, we have a solution for your ride. To make the installation as simple as possible, we offer Plug ‘n Go harness kits for hundreds of different bikes. An universal harness kit is also available and there’s a kit for older bikes too having cable driven speedometer or no speedometer at all, such as off-road motorcycles / dirt bikes.
When you order, select the display color + the harness kit we list for your bike. If your bike is not listed, contact your distributor for advice which universal harness kit will work.
Note: We do not list the X-type for motorcycles which the GIpro ATRE or GIpro DS models are compatible with.

About the GIPro X-type G2

Fast and accurate
Instant and accurate indication of the selected gear (right after the clutch is released) for added control and safety. The sampling period can be adjusted to make the response quicker or slower, depending on shift speed and signal conditions.

Touch control
All settings can be done via the touch sensor so there’s no opening on the housing, it is completely sealed and encapsulated in epoxy. The touch sensitive area is on the TOP of the unit. However, after programming, the unit can be mounted even with the top side stuck to the dashboard (via the sticky pads supplied) and will function properly. It can also be used with the optional GIpro Mount.

Quick installation
Plug ‘n Go wiring harness kits are available for most motorcycles. Easy to mount display. Complete installation can be done within 45 minutes on most motorcycles.

Bright and effective display
Extra bright LED display, housed in a compact box. Available in 5 colors.

Auto Brightness Control
The brightness of the display is adjusted automatically according to the ambient light intensity. The sensitivity of the sensor can be fine-tuned in the menu.

High Speed Warning and Shift Light function
If you wish, you may set the unit to warn you when the set road speed and/or the set engine speed is exceeded.

Auto Learning function
The unit learns the gear positions automatically, just start the learning function via the menu.

Compatible with all HealTech and most aftermarket products, including quick shifters.

Robust design
– Full SMT-design, encapsulated in epoxy
– Flash memory to store user settings even with the battery disconnected
– Only inspected, high quality components are built in
– Each unit is extensively tested prior to shipping, guaranteed to work
– 100% waterproof (IP68)

Mounting with the standard sticky pads

GIpro X-type G2
GIpro X-type G2
GIpro X-type G2
GIpro X-type › Aprilia RST1000
GIpro X-type › KTM 990
GIpro X-type › Ducati 1098
GIpro X-type › Yamaha R1 '07

Mounting with the optional GIpro Mount

GIpro X-type G2
Learn more about the optional GIpro Mount


All variants, special editions and BOTH ABS and non-ABS models are supported, except where noted for the selected bike model/year. If you do not see the ABS model or a different model variant listed, it means product fitment is the same as for the standard model.
Suggested retail price for the complete kit (display unit + harness kit):
EU countries › 89,00 EUR
USA and other regions › $119.99

30-day money back guarantee and 2-year replacement warranty from the date of purchase (invoice copy required)

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You can order this product directly from us, if there’s no HealTech distributor/dealer in your country.

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GPXT dimensions

Size: 20 x 30 x 13mm (0.7 x 1.2 x 0.5 inches)
Weight: 26g (0.91oz) (without wiring)

I have mounted the GIpro on a sportbike above the dash, below the windshield and I can’t reach the touch sensor at the top side of the unit. Is there any way to access the menu without taking the windshield off?
Yes, just use thin metal piece, at least 1cm (0.4″) wide. Hold the metal piece in your hand (without gloves) and use it as if it was an extension of your finger to operate the touch sensor.

How does the GIpro X-type work?
The unit reads the Speed and RPM signals to determine the gear position. The firmware adaptively adjusts sensitivity and threshold levels to work as good as possible on the specific bike it is installed on. For this reason, it is more accurate and has much quicker response time than competing products.
It shows a “-” sign when the clutch is pulled in, and shows the correct gear position as soon as the clutch is released.
Incorrect gear is never shown, except when the clutch slips (for a split second when the clutch is released slowly after a backshift).

How does the GIpro X-type compare to similar products?
We guarantee that you will love the GIpro! Sold in very large numbers over the last decade and we get lots of good feedback from our customers. There’s a reason HealTech is the most popular brand when it comes to gear indicators and the G2 version is the best universal gear indicator to date.

Which display color would you recommend?
The Red and Green colors are the best in strong daylight. Second choice is Blue, then White. Yellow is not recommended unless the
display will be mounted in a shaded location.

Is it compatible with other products, like the SpeedoHealer, Power Commander, Bazzaz, etc.?
Yes. It won’t interfere with other products. Works perfectly with quick shifters too.

What does it take to install the GPX?
› with Plug ‘n Go harness kits: Connect one connector and tap 1 or 2 wires with the wire-tap quick connectors supplied. On most bikes, all connections are done under the fuel tank.
› with Universal (U01 or U02) harness kits: Tap 4 wires with the wire-tap quick connectors supplied. No need to cut or solder any wires.
› if the bike has a cable driven speedometer (or no speedometer), our GPX-WSS wheel speed sensor kit is needed. Mount the sensor at the front or rear wheel and tap 3 wires with the wire-tap quick connectors supplied. No need to cut or solder any wires.

What is the difference between the DS and X-type models?
The display size and available colors are exactly the same, but the way it determines the gear position is very different.
The DS works on SPECIFIC bike models with factory diagnostic system built-in, while the X-type works on ALL bikes with 4, 5 or 6 speed gearbox.
Both models are easy to install but it takes less time to install a DS as you just plug it into the diagnostic socket on the bike.
Basically, the choice is simple. Get the DS if it is listed for your bike, otherwise get the X-type.
Our Product Advisor shows the available products for your bike.

I have installed an X-type on my bike earlier, can I switch to the new version?
Yes, you need to order the X-type G2 display unit only. Your harness kit installed does not need to be changed.

Our products are supplied with install instructions applicable to all bikes listed for that specific part number. However, to help our customers we are offering Supplementary manuals for some of the popular bikes. If you do not see a manual for your bike, check out one for a similar model and you get the idea what is involved. Most documents are applicable to a wider range of bike models/years than shown here.
Important: The supplied instructions should always be followed carefully.

GIpro X-type in GIpro Mount

The previous model was a big favorite among our customers but we keep developing and improving our products, so it received some pampering lately, just like the GIpro ATRE did. The main difference is that it lacks the Light sensor, Touch sensor and some menu options like filtering.
The same harness kits works with the old and new X-type model.

GIpro X-type G1 User’s Guide

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