QuickShifter easy iQSE

QuickShifter easy

Next generation standalone quickshifter

Easy to install. Easy to setup. Easy on your wallet. The perfect choice for anyone aiming for quicker lap times, better 1/4 mile runs or simply MORE FUN on the road.



With the iQSE the clutchless, full throttle shifts are not only quick but effortless too. Now you can shift like a pro! The quickshifter cuts the ignition at the moment you start moving the shift lever. The gearbox is unloaded, making it possible for you to switch one gear up without closing the throttle. By the time the spark comes back, you’re already in the next gear – no hassle, no glitch, no time loss.

The iQSE is not only chosen by racers, but more and more street riders too due to the simple installation and affordable price. For street riders the benefit is improved control and comfort, and to put it simply, MORE FUN! It really makes all bikes more fun to ride, including classic and touring bikes too.

About the QuickShifter easy

As easy as it can get
The product was designed with the average rider in mind to make the installation and setup as simple as possible yet it has all the features needed for pro racers too.

Supreme compatibility
One sensor that works on all motorcycles, also with reverse (race) shift pattern. Plug ‘n Go harness kits are available for most bikes. Compatible with all our products too.

Small yet powerful
The iQSE module comes in a small package so you don’t have to sacrifice your under-seat storage space.

Wireless connectivity
The iQSE is the only quickshifter module on the market which utilizes Bluetooth technology and iOS + Android app for setup and verification. Can even be disabled with a few taps to restore factory condition e.g. for servicing the bike.

You’re in safe hands
The module is weather and shock proof and comes with our 2-year warranty. We offer free and automatic software updates for the lifetime of this product. Even the module firmware is updated automatically via Bluetooth (with our zero-risk technology) which makes the product future proof.


All variants, special editions and BOTH ABS and non-ABS models are supported, except where noted for the selected bike model/year. If you do not see the ABS model or a different model variant listed, it means product fitment is the same as for the standard model.

The iQSE is compatible with ALL motorcycles and other vehicles with a sequential gearbox, like race cars with mc engine.

Plug 'n Go harness kits are available for Aprilia, Benelli, Buell, BMW, Ducati, Honda, Husqvarna, Kawasaki, KTM, MV Agusta, Suzuki, Triumph and Yamaha motorcycles. We are working on Plug 'n Go kits for other bikes too. If you do not see your motorcycle listed, please contact us.

Suggested retail price for the complete kit (iQSE module, sensor and bike specific wiring harness):
EU countries ›
iQSE with QSH Harness kit › 289,00 EUR
iQSE with QSX Harness kit › 309,00 EUR
iQSE with QSR Harness kit › 319,00 EUR

USA and other regions ›
iQSE with QSH Harness kit › $319.99
iQSE with QSX Harness kit › $339.99
iQSE with QSR Harness kit › $359.99

30-day money back guarantee and 2-year replacement warranty from the date of purchase (invoice copy required)

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You can order this product directly from us, if there’s no HealTech distributor/dealer in your country.

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iQSE dimensions

Size: 50 x 30 x 17 mm (1.9 x 1.2 x 0.6 inches)
Weight: 47g (1.65 oz)

iQSE on track Kawasaki ZX6R

iQSE on track Honda CBR600RR

iQSE on track Kawasaki ZX10R

QSE Kawasaki ZX12R dyno run

QSE Suzuki GSX-S1000F dyno run

QSE Suzuki ‘Tech28’ GSX-R750 dyno run

QSE Honda CB600F Hornet 2006 dyno run

QSE Kawasaki ‘Tech9’ ZX6R dyno run

QSE Kawasaki Versys 1000 dyno run

QSE Yamaha MT07/FZ07 dyno run

QSE Suzuki GSX-R600 dyno run

QSE MV Agusta F4 dyno run

iQSE installation

Our products are supplied with install instructions applicable to all bikes listed for that specific part number. However, to help our customers we are offering Supplementary manuals for some of the popular bikes. If you do not see a manual for your bike, check out one for a similar model and you get the idea what is involved. Most documents are applicable to a wider range of bike models/years than shown here.
Important: The supplied instructions should always be followed carefully.

Video reviews

Customer feedback

Thank you for the support! I now have 2 HealTech Quickshifter easy (one for my 2009 R1 road bike, the second is for my K6 GSXR track bike) and these work perfectly. I’ve had XXX products before and their support/aftercare was shocking! So after dealing with you I can safely say I’ll definitely be buying more Healtech products in the future plus recommending them to friends.
Simon B., Yamaha R1 (2009)
I don’t think I’d be able to ride another bike without a quick shifter again. Easy to install and set up, amazing product!
Arron R., Triumph Sprint ST
The bike shifts like a hot knife through butter! The standard setting I got from the setup wizard were more than excellent.
Hicham M., Yamaha XT660Z (2010)
I have to say I’m pretty impressed. Faultless shifts. A very impressive product. With the Bluetooth facility, and the ability to
change different rev range kill times I’d say it’s the best on the market or at the very least the best value for money.
Jason W., KTM RC8 (2010)
I wanted to contact you directly to tell you thank you for producing such a quality product in the Quickshifter Easy. With my basic mechanical knowledge I was able to install and calibrate it to my taste in a few hours. It’s exactly what I was looking for and look forward to promoting your product whenever I get the chance. Nice job, guys!!! Keep up the good work!
K.B.B., Kawasaki ZX-6R (2011)
I have fitted it on and went for a blast. I am back at home now and I am still grinning :)
It’s a lovely unit and the gear engages super smoothly. I wish I had bought this unit ages ago!
Haraen G., Suzuki GSX-R1000 (2006)
Have your new Quickshifter and love it! It adds to the fun factor of riding and makes shifting easier and more precise. The software is fantastic and really easy to use. Use of the Android app and Bluetooth is ingenious!
Tony C., Yamaha FZ1
My experience with the QSE and to make it easy: IT IS ABSOLUTELY GREAT. The shifting is so smooth, before I made this new experience I never thought it would be like this. Quick shifting is an absolute great thing and downshifts with a slipper clutch are just the same :) All the best wishes for your company doing a great job!
Roland B., Kawasaki Ninja 250R (2011)
My experience is that this shifter is the most smoothest shifter I have ever used! It’s very gentle on my gears and smooth and work perfectly. I used a lot of aftermarket shifters but QSE is the best and the easiest shifter to setup and the installation was very easy.
Ebrahim R., Kawasaki ZX-10R (2011)
Package contained everything needed for install included extra zip-ties for tucking wires. Unit itself was extremely easy to install. All plug and play, no splicing wires at all and it is completely standalone so no other units are required to function. Instructions were easy to read and fairly easy to understand. The sensor bolts right up to shifter with supplied bolts and washers, no need for new shift rod. Bluetooth connectivity was painless and the android app was very easy to use. Lot’s of adjustable parameters. Bike fired right up first try. Shifting was very smooth on stands. No chance to ride it on street yet.
Kevin L., Honda CBR600RR (2005)
I am extremely impressed with this quick shifter and the unique attributes the product possesses. From a technological aspect, the smart phone application available to configure your quick shifter – is really a step in the right direction and I can honestly see this product as a market leader. Well done to the whole HealTech team!
Dean V., (SA national series, 3rd place 2014), Honda CBR600RR (2010)
I went with the Healtech QSE because I liked the variability advertised. Once the body panels were off it took me less than 1 hour to install and setup my first file. So far so good. Setup through app was seamless. Shifting is smooth out of the box. Cant wait to tweak in my shifting speed. I plan on having several files depending on riding style.
Bruce B., Kawasaki ZX-14 (2012)
I’ve just installed today the QuickShifter easy and let me say, I’m glad that I waited to get your product. It’s an amazing equipment for a great price!
Jorge C., Yamaha YZF-R1 (2007)
This is the easiest and smoothest quickshifter i’ve ever tried! Works better and smoother than the xx one i got installed on the 2010 R1. Will definitely order one more for my R1 soon :)
Pascal P., Kawasaki Z800 (2014)