SpeedoHealer v4

SpeedoHealer v4

The most popular speedo and odo calibrator

No matter what sprockets or tire size you use, the SpeedoHealer v4 will deliver precise readings to your meters. Don't let uncalibrated readings ruin your fun and degrade your bike's resale value. Get your fix today!



On most motorcycles the factory speedometer error can be as high as 10%. So even a modest gearing change can have the speedometer off by 15%. Changing the sprockets or tires will also result in higher odometer reading, decreasing the bike’s resale value without valid reason. The SpeedoHealer is an affordable, convenient and very simple way to sort these speedo and odo issues. Compatible with all motorcycles, ATVs/UTVs with non cable driven speedometer. Get your fix today – You won’t find any better alternative on the market! The SpeedoHealer is the most popular and most reliable calibrator in the world – acknowledged by thousands of happy customers worldwide.

Note: The new SpeedoHealer TSD has the ability to remove the top speed limiter on certain vehicles for racing purposes, including: CBR1000RR, VFR800X, VFR1200F, ZX-10R, ZX-12R, ZX-14, FZ-09, MT-09, R1, V-Max, Can-Am, Kawasaki, Polaris ATVs and many more.

About the SpeedoHealer

Easy to use User Interface
Easy to program, review and update the stored parameters.

Extended calibration range
-99.9% to +9999.9% in steps of 0.1% Which means the signal can be adjusted from 1/1000 to x100, in increments of 0.001. This range is efficient even for the most radical gearing changes and suitable for all kind of custom applications as well.

Improved top speed
Can be used to remove the top speed limiter of the speed restricted motorcycles and ATVs e.g. from Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Can-Am.

Detachable remote button
The SpeedoHealer comes with a detachable remote button as standard for the Top Speed Recall feature.

Supreme compatibility
Compatible with most motorcycles, ATVs/UTVs. Plug ‘n Go harness kits are available for most models. Compatible with all our products too.

Dual-bank memory
Store two independent calibration values and switch between them by the press of a button. There is a clear, visual confirmation of the active bank and value in use. Useful for road & track setting when changing gearing or running different sized wheels/tires.

Display unit conversion
Change from Km/h to MPH and vice versa by the press of a button.

Interactive test mode
Confirm installation before take off.

Compact dimensions
30% smaller and lighter unit compared to SHv3. Full SMD design. The smallest and lightest full featured calibrator ever built.

Wide operating voltage range
Works from as low as 3V supply voltage up to 19V. Means even easier installation for all Yamaha bikes and some other models. Reduced power consumption and auto stand-by.

High-speed CPU
32-bit processing ensures high accuracy and immediate response to the input signal with no lag.

Robust design
100% weatherproof. Every unit is fully tested, guaranteed to work. All leads are protected against reverse voltage, short circuits and high energy transients.

The SpeedoHealer TSD model has a Top Speed De-restrictor feature. It is inactive by default. You may activate this feature only for racing purposes on closed tracks, entirely at your own risk. It must not be used on public roads!
This unit can be configured to avoid the top speed restriction on motorcycles and ATVs which have a top-speed limitation based on the speed signal (such as the CBR1000RR, VFR800X, GL1800, VFR1200F, ZX-10R, ZX-12R, ZX-14, FZ-09, MT-09, YZF-R1, V-Max, Can-Am, Kawasaki, Polaris ATVs and many more).
You can set the TSD unit to either ‘freeze’ the speed signal to the ECU at a specific threshold, or apply a stronger calibration value so that the speed signal will be increased at a slower rate above the set threshold.
The SH-V4-TSD unit is compatible with all SH-V4 Harness kits.

The difference between the standard SH-V4 and SH-V4-AB is that the standard model has a remote push button for top speed recall, while the AB model has a remote switch which allows INSTANT switching (even while riding) between the A and B memory banks.
The SH-V4-AB unit is compatible with all SH-V4 Harness kits.

SpeedoHealer AB

These modules have the exact same features as the standard SH-V4 module but work with different speed sensor type. Our Product
Advisor shows the exact part numbers you need for your bike.
Those motorcycles for which we list the SH-V4-C or SH-V4-2WA modules, can not use the SH-V4, SH-V4-TSD or SH-V4-AB modules.

This SpeedoHealer model is suited for vehicles with 2-wire inductive sensor.
If you are not sure about compatibility, please contact us.
It is sold as a complete kit and splicing is necessary.

SpeedoHealer 2W


All variants, special editions and BOTH ABS and non-ABS models are supported, except where noted for the selected bike model/year. If you do not see the ABS model or a different model variant listed, it means product fitment is the same as for the standard model.
Suggested retail price for the complete kit (SH-V4 module + bike specific wiring harness):
EU countries ›
SpeedoHealer V4 › 79,00 EUR
SpeedoHealer V4-2WA version › 79,00 EUR
SpeedoHealer V4-C version › 79,00 EUR
SpeedoHealer V4-AB / TSD version› 84,00 EUR
SpeedoHealer V4-2W version › 84,00 EUR
SpeedoHealer V4A version › 93,00 EUR

USA and other regions ›
SpeedoHealer V4 › $109.00
SpeedoHealer V4-2WA version › $109.00
SpeedoHealer V4-C version › $109.00
SpeedoHealer V4-AB / TSD version› $115.99
SpeedoHealer V4-2W version › $115.99
SpeedoHealer V4A version › $99.00

30-day money back guarantee and 2-year replacement warranty from the date of purchase (invoice copy required)

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SpeedoHealer dimensions

Size: 50 x 30 x 17mm (1.9 x 1.2 x 0.6 inches)
Weight: 38g (1.34oz)

What does the installation involve?
You need to remove a side fairing or rise the fuel tank to gain access to the speed sensor coupler. If you can do that, the rest is quick and easy. Separate the speed sensor coupler and plug-in the SH harness connectors.
All our SH Harness Kits are true Plug-n-Go type, except the followings:
– SH-U01: This is an universal harness kit. 4 wires have to be spliced to the speed sensor wires (Power, Ground, Signal In and Out). All connections can be done at one place, near the sensor.
– SH-K05: Plug-in install, but you need to splice one connection.

Which vehicles is the Speedo Healer compatible with?
All bikes, ATVs, cars, vans, trucks and snowmobiles which have 3-wire speed sensor or 2-wire ground switch sensor.
BMW motorcycles use 2-wire inductive sensor which the SH-V4 is not compatible with. However, we can make custom unit on special order. Please contact us.

My speedometer is analog, will the SH work with it?
Yes, the SH works with both analog (rotating needle) and digital (LCD read-out) speedometers. However, the speedometer must be electronic.

How can I tell whether my speedometer is electronic or not?
It is electronic, if there is no driving cable going to the back of the dashboard (usually from the front wheel) but electric wires. All modern motorcycles have electronic speedometer.

Will the SH calibrate both my speedo and odometer?
Yes, but it is not possible to calibrate them separately, as one speed signal drives both the speedometer and the odometer.
On most bikes, if the speedo is calibrated to be 100% accurate, the odo will register slightly less miles. While this can be annoying in certain situations, one can always calculate the real distance easily after a long trip.
Alternatively, of course, you can get the factory default indications regardless of the used gearing: accurate odometer and slightly optimistic speedo.

Will the SH fix my speedometer in the entire range?
Very likely, as all modern motorcycle speedos have none, or very little linearity error. If you wish, you can check the linearity error of the speedometer by using the SH in Test mode.

I use a different re-calibrator on my CBR600F4i and the speedometer jumps up and down by 1-3 mph at steady speed. Will your SH be better?
Absolutely. The SH uses 32bit real-time arithmetic and 0.001 correction steps , therefore it won’t cause any side-effects.

I use a different recalibrator on my GSX-R1000 and at very low speed, the speedo-meter stays at zero or jumps around.
Unlike the SH, other calibrators simply do not drive the speedo below a certain frequency. With the SpeedHealer, there is NO speedo lag, even on takeoff.

In what regard is the SH the best among the competitive products?
› Widest calibration range along with the finest increments
› Widest in- and output frequency range
› The most accurate calibrator
› Top Speed Memory function included
› Mile and kilometer conversion without any affect to the selected calibration value
› Quick and easy set-up through the on-line calculator, no need for math and special look-up table
› Plug-n-Go Kits are available for Japanese bikes
› The selected values can not be changed unintentionally
› Smallest power consumption
› All leads are protected against improper installation and noisy signals
› Compact and robust design, 100% weather proof
› Detailed documentation and excellent customer support
› The best value for money

I disconnected the SH/removed the battery, do I need to program the SH again?
No, the SH retains the settings even if you disconnect it. The values are stored in Flash memory. Your SH-V4 will always display the calibration value in use whenever the ignition key is turned on.

I changed the front/rear sprocket on my bike and my speedo reads the same at a given rpm. So do I have more speedo error?
Yes. The speed sensor is reading the revolution of the countershaft, therefore the speedo vs tacho readings will always be the same. However, with a shorter sprocket ratio, higher rpm is needed for the same actual speed, i.e. the speedo error is increased.

Can I buy another SH box or a Harness kit separately?
Yes. Please contact the distributor in your country.

I have a GPS unit (or a Bike Computer) installed on my motorcycle, is there any reason to install an SH?
› GPS receivers and Bike Computer have a huge lag, therefore can’t show the real momentary speed. The sensors of bike computers send only 1 pulse per wheel revolution while the bike’s original speed sensors can send over 80.
› When your odometer shows more mileage than the actual, you pay for it when you sell the bike.
› If the vehicle is equipped with fuel consumption meter, top speed, average speed or other extended functionality, having the speed signal calibrated becomes even more important.
› Reading from the small bike computer screen can be hard and unsafe, especially at high speeds or low light conditions.

How can I use the Top Speed Memory (TSM) recall function and how does it work?
Press and release the remote button. The top speed is shown on the speedometer for a few seconds, even if the bike is in motion. Keep the button depressed for at least 2 seconds to reset the TSM. Notes:
› The TSM retains its value even if the ignition is switched off or the unit is disconnected.
› The TSM function is disabled in Transparent mode, i.e. the unit has to be programmed first (only on SHv3 and earlier).
› The odometer always registers proportional to the indicated speed.

If I enable the “km/h to mph” conversion mode, will my LCD read in mph?
The indicated speed and distance travelled will be converted, but the displayed units of measure (km/h and km) won’t be changed.

I have an Acumen/Datatool Gear Indicator installed. Can it be used together with your product?
Yes, the SpeedoHealer can be used together with any aftermarket products. We recommend connecting the gear indicator between the speed sensor and SH white wire.

Will the SH remove the speed limiter of my bike (ZX10, ZX12, ZX14, YZF-R1)?
By calibrating your speedometer that has e.g. +8% factory speedometer error, the limit point will be raised by 8% as well. Usually it means that the limit point will never be reached.
If your bike has been tuned for extreme top speed, use the dual-bank memory feature of the SH-V4. E.g. when riding a ZX14 on the street, select -7% to have an accurate speedo, and switch to -90% if you wish to attempt a 200+ mph run on the track. Switching between A-B memory banks is as simple as pressing a button.
Note: The SH does not affect the speed limiter on Suzuki motorcycles with gear position sensor (you need a GIpro w/ATRE or X-TRE to by-pass the limiter on Suzukis).

Our products are supplied with install instructions applicable to all bikes listed for that specific part number. However, to help our customers we are offering Supplementary manuals for some of the popular bikes. If you do not see a manual for your bike, check out one for a similar model and you get the idea what is involved. Most documents are applicable to a wider range of bike models/years than shown here.
Important: The supplied instructions should always be followed carefully.

Video reviews

Customer feedback

Thanks for your help. The recalibration is done and the product works great. I used my GPS to perfectly adjust my speedo. Now it is right on the $. Thank you for such a great product.
Dan, Suzuki GSX-R1000 ('03)
Awesome Product!!! I cannot stress how good the Speedo healer is. When I first purchased it, I really did doubt it’s integrity. I thought it would be a complete waste of money. How foolish was I! After doing a few runs with my GPS before fitting, I calculated the correction rate, fitted the Speedo healer and programmed it. I then took the bike for a ride with the GPS and was absolutely stunned at how accurate it was. What an awesome piece of kit, an absolute must for anyone with sprocket or tyre mods etc! Thank you so much Healtech, keep up the great work!
Mark D.
This speedo re-calibrator is an absolutely amazing tool – great for bike kit cars.
Wally, Suzuki GSX1300R engine in a kit car
It was so easy! I established the error with my Garmin 295, used your online calculator, and bingo. System was also verified with GPS. Thanks for a great product!!!
Dennis, Suzuki Hayabusa ('02)
Hey, I just bought my speedohealer and installed it on my 01 R6. Thanks for making such a great product!
John, Yamaha YZF-R6 ('01)
Dyno run was perfect, the dealer was impressed, 50 at 50, 100 at 100 and so on to 200 kms. I am very happy, thanks for you help, a great product!!!!
Farley, Yamaha YZF-R1 ('04)
I have your product on my motorcycle and L O V E it !
John, Yamaha
my 2008 haybausa with gps installed read 56 when the Speedo read 60.. at 100 I was really going 91. at 180 I was really going 165.
the speedohealer was straight forward, easy to install and program. my speedometer is now accurate & coincides perfectly with my gps. thank you for such a wonderful product.
Gary, Suzuki Hayabusa (2008)
I am very happy with your product. I had a $22,000 bike with a 5% error on the speedometer and it bothered the heck out of me being an anal engineer and all. After a 400 mile weekend your speedohealer now has my Goldwing speedometer “right on”.
Jack B., Honda GL1800 (2007)
I have a K&N air filter, Yoshi slip-ons, and I’ve toured the bike and dragged it, and love it. When I was after a little more I cog changed, and that’s when I fitted up your speedohealer. The ease of fitment, the ease of operation and the accuracy of the unit is excellent. It’s made a cog change a far easier prospect to do without fear of losing a license or cash, peace of mind.
Neal T., Suzuki Hayabusa ('12)
Installed your product on my 1300R VTX the day after I received it… what a difference it makes. The speedometer is right on the money at all speeds and I couldn’t be happier.
Len, Honda VTX1300R
Just installed SH-V4 + SH-S01 on my 2008 Suzuki Burgman 650 Executive. I am happy to report that using a calibration setting of -8.5% produces a completely linear accuracy reading from 1 mph to 70 mph in my testing using a Garmin Zumo 660 GPS as a reference speed indicator. I was expecting to have some inaccuracy either at low end speed or upper end speed but have found the speedohealer dead accurate throughout the range. Thanks for making a great product.
Alan, Suzuki Burgman 650 (2008)
I purchased and installed one of your Speedohealers, MUCH better product over the YellowBox.
Chris, Kawasaki
I really love the speedohealer very much. You guys have a great product that is well put together and very professional.
Lesley, Kawasaki
I ordered the SpeedoHealer for my Kawasaki ZX10R with the factory wiring kit. Very nice, the unit works great.
Larry, Kawasaki ZX-10R
I would just like to say thank you for making such a great product! I have a 1998 cbr 900rr which I put in a motor from a 1996 model. The speedometer was off by a huge amount 60 mph actual speed showed up on the speedo as only 10 mph! I was unsure about which model to get the DRD or the SpeedoHealer and boy did I make the right choice. It took longer for me to watch the instructional video on the DRD than it did to complete the SH install on my bike and ride down the road. My speedometer is dead on now according to my gps. Once again thank you for such an awesome product.
Dave L., Honda CBR900RR (1998)
Hi, just wanted to let you know that i have just fitted your Speedohealer to my 05 Honda SP2 after i changed the gearing. Speedo was way out, but after fitting your Healer it is 100% spot on. Very Easy to fit, excellent website, more than impressed.
Russell, Honda SP2 (2005)