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SH-V4-2W Full kit


Custom SH kit for vehicles with 2-wire inductive
speed sensor. Contact us before ordering.

› For full details see the product's page.

Additional information

Part No.:

SH-D01, SH-D02, SH-HA1, SH-HA2, SH-H01, SH-H02, SH-H03, SH-H04, SH-H05, SH-H06, SH-HY1, SH-K01, SH-K02, SH-K03, SH-K04, SH-K05, SH-K06, SH-KT1, SH-S01, SH-S02, SH-S03, SH-T01, SH-T02, SH-Y01, SH-Y02, SH-Y03, SH-U01

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